IT Dept

The Technology Department at Gilmanton School provides support to all staff and students who utilize district equipment. This includes all computers, software, AV equipment, and related hardware as well as local and web-based software applications.

When it comes to managing the district’s growth, the Tech Department is a key player. For research and development in classroom technology integration, the technology committee consisting of staff members, community members, and teachers work to identify and implement contemporary solutions, for modernizing teaching and learning. 

In addition to support, the Technology Department provides technology training opportunities. These opportunities include scheduled trainings open to all district employees at all levels that might be applicable to a particular project, interest, or as an ongoing training series.

We hope you find the information throughout these pages helpful. Thank you for taking the time to get to know who we are! 

Technology How-Tos:

First Class Client setup

If you are experiencing issues with First Class Client Login please do the following:

1. Double click on the FC icon on the desktop 
2. Click the "Setup" button 
3. In the Client ID box type your username (ex. jdoe) 
4. In the box for "Server" please type the word 'mail1' (excluding quotations) 
5. Click Save and login

Laptop Cart/iPad Sign-Out 

Please make sure if you are using the laptop carts, laptop projector carts (Ajax, Brutus, Caesar, Derby) that you sign them out through First Class under "Computer Lab". Once you have finished please return the cart(s) to the computer lab and the iPads to the technology office for the next person to use. 

Accessing Virtual Voice Mail

To access your voice mail from any phone:

1. On the top right of the phone push the VM button 
2. Press #6* your extension number (ex. #6*215 ) 
3. Type in your password followed by the # sign

Note: If doing this for the first time, follow the automated instructions to set up your mailbox.